February 17

Ecosystems at School!!!



This TEK we learned about Ecosystems @ school! We  went outside to the stream and looked for our own little micro habitat. A micro habitat is made up of all different components and insects.  We found : pine cones, pine needles, grass, gumballs, a spider , and dried leaves. This lab was very interesting!!!

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January 16

Sweden During the Holocaust!


Sweden was the getaway place for Jews. It is the country that the Germans can not take over.Sweden was a neutral country and was during both World War l and World War ll.
One reason Jews were going to Sweden was because of the Nazis. The Nazis were taking over the countries over near them. They needed to go where the Nazis weren’t . The Jews were safe in Sweden because Sweden was a neutral country. The country Sweden also put legal protection on the Jews. Sweden was the first European country to make the step to make legal protection. Sweden had refused to close their borders to escaping Jews like other european countries had done so. Sweden had become a refuge for many types of Jews. When Jews came to the country a man named Raoul Wallenberg gave a thing called a “ protective passport”. Later the Swedish Red Cross started a program called “ White Buses”. They went to help and rescue Jewish people in Scandinavian concentration camps.
That is what Sweden did for the Jews during World War ll. They helped save many lives.

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January 8

Best Gift Given!

The Best Gift Given!

The best gift I gave was to my dad. He loves to collect Indian and wolf things.I got him a shirt that was a mixture of an Indian and wolf theme. It made me feel so good inside cause I knew that my dad was happy. The way his face was when he saw the shirt, I think that he was so happy and excited about it. The quote “ It is better to give than to receive” to me means don’t worry about getting things. You should worry more about giving other people something that would make them really happy. Don’t be so selfish that you only want something and NOT give something. That was the best gift I gave!